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Fabien Tanguy



As a player, handyman, animator, curious about everything, I was immersed as a child in a family sphere where games and specialized magazines filled shelves, the computer virus with its video games in the 90s, combined with the discovery of chess, ended up tracing a deliberately playful path.
I have been in charge of associations for about twenty years, and to a lesser extent, I work on the development of the Aveyron playground in general, and Ruthenian in particular.

As a professional software developer, I also use digital tools a lot for personal creative purposes, including board games.
My creations are mainly inspired and oriented for the public I’m used to working with: family, friends from game clubs, colleagues, children… in short: everyday people. I like to bring in my games a mechanical novelty in the manipulation, an innovative object, a new approach. It is not rare to find among the material balls, tubes, tokens, ropes, cards with holes or strange shapes, wooden structures or common accessories customized with laser cutting… but I also know how to remain classical when necessary. For me, creation must rhyme with originality, in all simplicity. But how complicated it is to make it simple!
In my career as an author, in addition to taking part in various contests that allowed me to get to know the industry better, it was above all my encounter with Forgenext, then a very young company, that was decisive. I quickly became attached to the state of mind, the group of people around and within the agency, the friendliness and the working methods that brought me real comfort and a fully satisfactory relationship of trust.

Otherwise, as a player, rather good customer, I try to maintain an honorable play culture, and even if the temptation of over-analysis and shelling of the titles that pass before my eyes is great, let’s never forget the main thing: fun, laughing, exchanging good moments together 🙂

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