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Arkham Noir – case #1



Walpurgis Night, May’s Eve, is always a nightmare in witch-haunted Arkham. There are bad doings, and a child or two frequently goes missing. This year, Miskatonic University students engaged in occult studies have been turning up dead. Arkham Police, in deference to your unusual expertise, have asked for your help to get to the root of the matter. As private investigator Howard Lovecraft, you will investigate events based on the stories « The Dreams in the Witch House » (1933), « The Thing on the Doorstep » (1933), and « The Unnamable » (1923).

Arkham Noir is a solitaire card game. Gameplay consists of adding cards to open cases, creating lines of investigation in an effort to solve them. The ultimate goal is to score five « puzzle » clue cards in order to piece together the big picture before running out of time or mental stability.

30 mins

From 1 players

From 14

years old




Yves Tourigny