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Block Ness



The Block Ness monsters are finally sticking their heads out of the water...but it looks like the lake isn't big enough for everyone!

Thus, starting with the first player and continuing in clockwise turns, each player chooses a segment from their reserve and uses this to make their monster longer on the Loch board.
But be careful ! Each new segment should be placed on a space that is adjacent to the monster's head or tail and could cross another monster segments only above them !
The game ends when all the players are blocked or everyone has placed all their segments on the loch. The player with the least segments remaining int their reserve wins the game ! (or the player who's monster has the tallest head in case of a tie.)

Be the most alert among them to obtain the title of Monster of the Year and the privilege of being photographed from time to time by tourists.

15mn mins

From 1 players and up to 4

From 8

years old



Christine Alcouffe
Simon Douchy

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