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Color Clash



Color Clash features round cards that have color words in matching or non-matching colors — e.g., the word « orange » written in blue — on the outer edge and a central image in a strong single color. Color Clash includes six colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple — and spotting these colors quickly is a part of many games in this box. In « Between Four », for example, you lay out the color tiles in the center of the playing area and place all of the cards face down. Players take turns revealing one card, and as soon as four instances of a color are visible — whether in the center of the card, in the color of the word, or in the word itself — the first player to slap the correct color card claims all cards bearing this color. When all of the cards are face up, the game ends and whoever has the most cards wins. In « Antipode », you place all of the cards face up, then everyone races simultaneously to grab (with one hand) pairs of cards in which the color of the word on one card matches the written word on the other and vice versa. Whoever grabs the most correct pairs wins. Color Clash includes rules for six games and two solitaire challenges, while ChromaTikTak includes twelve games and puzzles, some of which push you to play quickly and some of which push you to think.

10 mins

From 6 players

From 7

years old




David Boniffacy