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Hâpy Families


Oh no! While visiting the pyramid, Hapi accidentally opened a secret door and discovered an ancient tablet. But when he got closer, a God suddenly appeared. “Phew, thanks for finding me! All the other Gods are still hidden in the pyramid. Help me find them, we haven’t played together in ages!

In Hâpy Families you try to collect series of 3 Little gods from the same family to score points! On your turn, pick a god from the pyramid, call for another one in your opponent's hand and try to bring god families together!

Points are scored for series of 3 instead of entire families. Gather 6 of a kinf for an instant win.

The number of points needed to win depends on player count.

10 mins

From 2 players and up to 4

From 5

years old



Anthony Moulins