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La course des loutres



Embody a family of three otters that must be protected by crossing the river as quickly as possible to reach their lair. At his turn, each player rolls both dice at the same time. Of these 2 dice, the player chooses one, and only one, and moves one of his otter pawns to the next identical available animal to the one inscribed on the die. The second die will not be played. The player has the choice to advance any of his 3 otters, following the one that suits him the most according to the dice. During his journey, he moves his otter towards the next animal available, ignoring the boxes of the same animal already occupied by its otters or those of the opponents. Once the move is made, it is the next player's turn. In case of double, namely 2 identical animals, the player advance one of his otters to the animal in question and play again immediately (this effect is cumulative). To get his 3 otters into the lair, the player can use the animal of his choice when the tile is on the face with 6 circles animals. The game ends as soon as one of the players has his 3 otters in the lair.

15 mins

From players

From 4

years old