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Oriflamme : Alliance



Players use their characters and schemes to secure their claim to the throne. After 6 rounds of play, the player whose family has accumulated the most Influence points wins the game.

The emergence of a neighbouring kingdom destabilizes the great families of the realm and forces them to reconsider their feuds in favour of more political alliances. Yet under the mask of cooperation, ambition still burns and violence will resurface at the first betrayal…

A third stand-alone episode to beautifully conclude the Oriflamme saga. The game introduces 10 innovative effects offering subtle tactical options and rich political decisions. This opus invites to understand the dynamics around the table and to seek a balance between balance between aggression and negotiation! The Empress will reward you but will grant a favour to a rival. The Diplomat will give you the opportunity to forge an alliance with other players. Yet violence is still ready resurface at any moment: the Insurrection will eliminate the two adjacent cards provided you discard a point accumulated on it!

Oriflamme Embrasement offers 10 new action cards that can be mixed with Oriflamme and/or Oriflamme: Ablaze or be used as a standalone.

20 mins

From 3 players and up to 5

From 10

years old



Tomasz Jedruszek

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