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Word bank



To set up Word Bank, each player takes 12-20 gems depending on the number of players, then you shuffle the letter cards and lay seven of them in a circle to create the bank. Each letter card has room on it for a number of gems. On a turn, you give a "password" to the bank, saying it out loud, then choosing a starting letter and going clockwise or counterclockwise around the circle, placing a gem on each letter present that's also in your password. Note that you can't circle the letters more than once, and you can use letters only if they appear in the order that matches the order of the letters in your password. After you turn, if all the spaces on a letter card are full, claim this letter, then reveal a new one from the deck in this position. As soon as a player has no more gems in front of them, the game ends. Each player counts all their gems in front of them and on letter cards in play, and whoever has the lowest sum wins. Ties are broken in favor of the tied player who has claimed the most letter cards.

15 mins

From 2 players

From 8

years old