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Nicolas Melet



I discovered board games when I was about 25 years old. An age when you don’t play anymore, I was told… The contrast with my childhood games made me want to try with some prototypes that today I don’t even dare to take out of their boxes.

In 2008, to amuse my boys, the bases of my first game CANAILLE are born, which will finally be published in 2011. After that, it’s the desert: inspiration to fill pages but not enough time to really get started and finish the projects properly. So when in 2013 my path crossed that of Jérôme Soleil, co-creation became obvious.

In 2022, AGARTHA is released by 404 on board. The fruit of a collaboration with those who count the most in my life as an author. A finished project but others full of head, then I say to myself that it is worth to continue…


Edited games in agency