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Rolhnir has spent his whole life exploring subterranean worlds. He left a legacy of an inestimable value: the Maps of Agartha. You are his descendants, ready to pick up the torch and explore the world. To find the secret maps of your ancestor, you must walk in his tracks and wander through unknown lands to gather information.
Perform as many explorations as possible, meet new people, and collect items to prove yourself worthy of your glorious ancestor. Find the lost maps of the world of Agartha!
At the beginning of each round, players will use their auction chips to retrieve resources on the expedition tiles. They have to bet to get cards of different kinds, which they will have to place as best they can on their personal board. One goal: maximize these resources and multiply combos! Explore as many places as you can, meet characters, and collect sacred amulets to learn as much as you can about the underground worlds of Agartha.

45 mins

From 2 players and up to 4

From 10

years old



Jérôme Léon

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