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Théo Rivière



Théo first discovered games when he entered college in 2002 thanks to Magic The Gathering, which will occupy a large part of his schooling.

He has a second revelation in 2010 when he enters Merlin’s Lab, a Pictavian game store where he will work for a while. Benjamin, the manager of the store, introduces him to modern board games and he quickly falls in love with them. It is also Benjamin who will allow him to meet the team of Libellud, a publisher who will make him discover the professional world of gaming.

In 2013, he answers a classified ad and moves to Nancy to work at Iello. 2013 also sees the release of his first game Shinobi Wat-ahh! at Purple Brain. After a short stint at Yoka by TSUME, Théo joins the Repos Production team as editorial assistant in 2016. He continues to work on his games in parallel with the releases of Sea of Clouds, Sticky Chameleons, Château Aventure and SOS Dino.

In 2018, he leaves Repos Production and launches with his three companions Antoine, Corentin and Ludovic, the KAEDAMA team while focusing even more on his work as a game author. In parallel, he gives courses in Game Design for the Artline Institute.


Edited games in agency